How to fail well
20 February 2020
[ business, ideas ]
In my first job, my boss passed down an insight I’ll never forget…

Remove steps
13 February 2020
[ design ]
If you want someone to take a particular action, remove as many steps needed to take that action as you can…

Sub-surface problems
11 February 2020
[ business, ideas ]
Tech entrepreneurs often inhabit a very narrow demographic, and they often scratch their own itch …

Riding waves together
05 February 2020
[ business ]
If you’ve ever done a project on your own, you know that motivation follows an oscillating pattern…

Judging on single traits
04 February 2020
[ relationships, ideas ]
There are exceptions to this, but very rarely do others judge you based on single traits…

Intent and relationships
04 February 2020
[ relationships ]
While reflecting on the past year, I realized I had spent a lot of time with people I didn’t enjoy spending time with…

The Magic of Having Nothing to Lose
19 February 2019
[ business, ideas ]
Are you ready to give up? Do you want to quit your job, or drop that side project which isn’t going anywhere? Great, then I have good news for you…